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I had a pretty good neighborhood going, but then decided to do a major CC purge. Despite my best intentions I soon lost patience with flashing blue clutter, missing walls and the serious fuglification caused by random reverting to Maxis skins, hideous accidental clothing combinations and facemasks gone askew. The whole sorry lot of them wound up in the Recycle Bin, and after that there was only one thing for it: a whole new neighborhood, right from scratch. With all my CC clean and tidy for the first time and more default replacements than ever before I decided to start not with couples or even a big group, just three very different women starting out at university and hoping to meet some now-less-fug townies while they're there.

*fake drumroll*

Bella Dane, named before I remembered that you can't call anything 'Bella' these days without being accused of questionable taste in literature, is a drama student of the Pleasure/Romance disposition whose dearest dream is to date fifty different people. She is entirely appreciative of all genders, especially if the person in question is particuarly artistic and charismatic, but has a bizarre and deep-seated aversion to hats. She loves to dance and make music and enjoys discussing food or popular entertainment but gets bored very quickly once the conversations turns to politics and crime. She's epically untidy and ridiculously outgoing, which has been causing upset already...

Garnet Firebrand has the best name EVAH and is studying history - which, seeing as how she wants to be an Oceanographer, doesn't make an enormous amount of sense. She is a lesbian and is into logical women with plenty of curves, but finds the idea of trying to form a relationship with a vampire utterly vile. She loves to spend time outside communing with nature, and is fascinated by the weather. Conversations about politics or science fiction will also enthuse her, but anything to do with money and she'll give you her Death Glare. She's a bit of an old hippy, really - Knowledge and Pleasure are her highest ideals - helped along by her freakishly balanced and zen-like personality.

Rosie Goodheart wants nothing more from life than a big family and lots of friends. Er, and also to be mayor of Norsex, which is why she's taking her degree in political science. She's straight but tends to fancy charismatic men who wander about in their underwear a lot and don't smell, which doesn't make her enormously picky. She enjoys painting and crafts an awful lot but politics is her real passion and the thing she most loves to talk about. Rather unfashionably, however, she couldn't give a rat's arse about the environment, which gets her into arguments with Garnet on a regular basis. She's fairly untidy and quite loud and outgoing, though in neither trait is she as extreme as Bella. She tends toward laziness but loves to play games and has a heart of gold.

...I am quite surprised to note that after I exited the game sorting those snaps and putting this entry together took me just over an hour. I have a new respect for those of you who do long, drawn-out legacies and picspams! I have all this coming to me [laughs] I'll put together posts for the beginning of the story proper tomorrow. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
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