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The Norsex sims all have babies and epic houses and shit now, I've just been too lazy to compile another post [blush] BUT YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS. Today I looked up some tutorials and took a step into the unknown... (ps click on any of picture in this post to see a larger version)

OK, yes, it's shit. But to do this I needed to learn how to recolour, retexture and alpha edit - none of which I had EVER done before. Pretty cool, no? My question, though, is this: I would like to add some kind of edging to the neckline, hem, and the bit where the tiling texture makes it look like patchwork (accidental but I like the effect). How the hell do I do that? The texture file looks like this:

Which doesn't make it easy for me to edit it to put in edging.

The other thing I did today and yesterday was spend waaaaaaay too long making the following three sims. I am currently trying to get better at making sims, so please please have a quick look at the larger versions of the pics and give concrit? I will love you FOR EVER AND EVER. Promise. I'm considering offering them for download at some point. Obviously I will get them in-game for better pics before I do :-)



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Date: 2010-02-04 09:28 pm (UTC)
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I really like the texture you chose for the dress. It's a really good first retexturing attempt. I'm not much of a creator, but I can tell you that if you copy and paste the alpha file over the texture one, and then change your layer setting to 'multiply', you will be able to see the shape of the dress better. It really helps.


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